Whether your online presence just needs a facelift, you want to tackle an enhanced functionality project, or you're looking for a brand new design, I'm ready to make it happen. Read more about my skills below, and chat now when you're ready to start.

Things I do well

  • Design websites in WordPress, Webflow, and SquareSpace
  • Develop custom integrations
  • Create effective branding
  • Listen to the client's needs to develop the best solution possible
  • Overcome structural challenges to produce desired results
  • Optimize site performance
  • Design quality graphics for both print and web
  • Upskill as needed to conquer any project

A little (more) about me...

Creativity has always been my strong suit, but design and development are my happy place. Most girls buy lattes and journals with their spending money—I buy fonts and creative resources.

I’ve lived and breathed Visual Design since 2003 when I first had the opportunity to take classes in it, but have worked it also since 2008. Though I had a few years of college-level education, I’m largely self-educated (which I think is hugely important as this field is CONSTANTLY growing and changing). Today you'll find me traveling the world with my family, and working with clients anywhere and everywhere.

My skillset includes graphic design (logos, print products, ad-type imagery, etc), web design (primarily Webflow, WordPress, and SquareSpace—though I have also worked with a myriad of other CMSes and backend systems), and an ever-growing selection of coding (I know a substantial amount of CSS and HTML, and am in the process of improving my knowledge of PHP and JavaScript). I am currently working with several design agencies, project managers, companies, artists, and entrepreneurs, and am always looking for more ways to grow my client offerings.

I make a point of interacting on a personal level with each of my clients, learning both their needs and what inspires them, so I can best serve them. At the end of each project, I spend extra time to educate my clients, so they feel confident making minor changes and adding new content afterward on their own. Whenever possible, I go the extra mile to make each piece of work I touch shine—however large or small.

I'm not afraid to take (calculated) risks, or learn new things. I tackle every project head-on. I'm efficient, and I do everything with excellence. I work hard to make my clients proud.

So tell me, what can I create for you today?

Stephanie Jones

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“Stephanie was amazing through my whole journey of creating a new website. She listened to my needs and wants, and delivered on all of them. She was quick to answer any questions I had, and any issues that arose were quickly fixed. I look forward to working with her again, and would recommended her to anyone who needs help creating the website of their dreams!”

— Jennifer Johnson • InstantBoss Club

“Stephanie—we are extremely satisfied with your service. You have been incredibly patient with us and your work speaks for itself. Thank you so much for helping us launch our website. You played one of the most important roles in our growth. We will refer you to everyone!”

— Madhuri Kumar • J&K Law

"She was amazing. She helped guide our team in a great direction on both micro/macro decisions and her coding work was phenomenal. She is an amazing communicator and really understands how the underlying code works: this is just a win-win."

— Salam Sejahtera • The Cahaya Campaign

“Stephanie is always my go-to girl when it comes to design and technical difficulties (there are a lot of those!) She is efficient and has always been able to help me. I give her name out to everyone, because I know that if I can trust her, so can they.”

— Becky Mansfield • Becky & Paula / Your Modern Family

“I worked with Stephanie on a Gravity Forms Project that needed an expert. Stephanie was great following up with emails, offering suggestions, making several revisions and additions to the form that really improved the whole form overall. I will ask for Stephanie with future Gravity Forms projects, because she was very helpful, professional, punctual, patient, and completed the job and more than expected. I am Very Happy with Stephanie!”

— Mark Rinella, Ph.D. • Professional Website Designer

"Stephanie - I could not be more pleased with the tech support you gave me in creating a web site for a new business.  Working with you is like having a skilled tech team sitting next to me even though you were coaching from Europe and I am working in New York City.  The speed of response, clarity of guidance, and warmth of all exchanges gives new meaning to the term "user friendly".  I can not imagine any better service and will always use you or refer you to friends looking for services like yours."

— Gardner Dunnan • Founder and C.E.O. of Concierge College Counseling