Whether your online presence just needs a facelift, you want to tackle an enhanced functionality project, or you're looking for a brand new design, I'm ready to make it happen. Read more about my skills below, and reach out when you're ready to start.

How I can help

  • Design & develop websites in Webflow
  • Implement custom integrations
  • Create effective branding
  • Listen to your needs to develop the best solution possible
  • Overcome challenges to produce results
  • Optimize site performance
  • Design quality graphics for both print & web
  • Upskill as needed to conquer any project

A little (more) about me...

Creativity has always been my strong suit, but design and development are my happy place. Most girls buy lattes and journals with their spending money—I buy fonts and courses.

I’ve lived and breathed Visual Design since 2003 when I first had the opportunity to take classes in it, but have worked it also since 2008. Though I had a few years of college-level education, I’m largely self-educated (which I think is hugely important as this field is CONSTANTLY growing and changing). Today you'll find me traveling the world with my family, and working with clients anywhere and everywhere.

My skillset includes graphic design (logos, print products, ad-type imagery, etc), web design (primarily Webflow, though I have also worked with a myriad of other CMSes and backend systems), and an ever-growing selection of coding (I know a substantial amount of CSS and HTML, and am in the process of improving my knowledge of PHP and JavaScript). I work with design agencies, project managers, companies, artists, and entrepreneurs, and am always looking for more ways to grow my client offerings.

I make a point of interacting on a personal level with each of my clients, learning both their needs and what inspires them, so I can best serve them. At the end of each project, I spend extra time to educate my clients, so they feel confident making minor changes and adding new content afterward on their own. Whenever possible, I go the extra mile to make each piece of work I touch shine—however large or small.

I'm not afraid to take (calculated) risks, or learn new things. I tackle every project head-on. I'm efficient, and I do everything with excellence. I work hard to make my clients proud.

So tell me, what can I create for you today?

Stephanie Jones

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"Stephanie helped us take our website from design concept to live. In addition to a smooth and efficient scoping and work process, she stayed with us through launch and beyond. Shipping marketing sites can be onerous, but Stephanie makes it easy."

— Rachel Pike • Growth • Modern Treasury

"Stephanie is a rock star! Not only is she responsive and quick, she also advises us and codes our Webflow site in a way that makes it easy to manage and scale. Her thoughtful approach, smart insights and expertise have made working with her a pleasure."

— Katherine Terrell • VP, Creative & Design • Alto Solutions, Inc.

"It has been our organization’s pleasure to work with Stephanie Jones since July 2017. She has consistently delivered high quality development, design, and digital marketing work to Lorem and our clients."

— Charlie Fogarty • COO, Founder • Lorem Technologies, Inc.

"Finding an all-in-one web designer, developer, and project manager is incredibly difficult - but Stephanie is all of those things and gave me just a perfect result. I'm extremely happy, would refer her to anybody in a heartbeat, and will be going back to her for projects in the future."

— Engin Ayaz • Founder & CEO • Lead Sales

"Working with Stephanie has been a great experience. She works quickly, efficiently and is flexible and reliable. She gave us helpful insights as we worked together and made the development process very fluid and easy. She truly went above and beyond to help us create our new digital web app and we are super pleased with the result."

— Debi Hasky • Graphic Designer • Triggers

"Stephanie is an incredible partner. She's extremely knowledgeable and will help with all things web. She's very fast, and will go above and beyond every step of the way. I really enjoy working with her, and can't wait for the next project!"

— Alex Heirston • Account Manager • Think Creative, Inc.

"Working with Stephanie is always a great experience. She works very fast and delivers exactly what we brief, with flexibility to make changes and still meet deadlines."

— Olivia Edmondson • Marketing • Bonhams of London

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