By purchasing design services or products from Stephanie Jones, whether directly via AskSJ.com or an alternate form of contact, you agree to these basic terms:

  1. Once payment has been made, all products and services are non-refundable. Pre-purchase questions are happily answered and explained as thoroughly as necessary, but once money has changed hands, you are expected to be satisfied with your knowledge of the product and/or services, and no longer in an evaluation period.
  2. All design services are highly dependent on communication. If you are unable or unwilling to communicate in a timely manner using specific ideas regarding your project (i.e. Helpful: “I like these blues (image link) and these fonts (font link 1, font link 2).” Unhelpful: “I like handwritten fonts but would like it to look professional, too.”), please do not request services. As much as I’d love to, I cannot read clients’ minds, and will not be able to help you effectively.
  3. If you have a question about how to do something in the design/development process of your project, you are always welcome to ask. I will be happy to explain as much or as little as you are interested in learning.
  4. Initial payment is due at the start of the project. Any portion of your balance that has not yet been paid is due at the project’s completion. If it is not paid in full within two weeks of the project’s completion, 10% of the project total will be assessed in fees each week afterward until payment has been completed.

Disclaimer: I do not by any means claim to be an authority on design, development, or blogging (or anything else mentioned on this site), but I always strive to give you the best service and/or information I am able to. I understand not every partnership can be a good fit based on a myriad of factors, but I am not advertising myself as “the only” or “the best” source for any of these things, though I hope to be as helpful as possible.

Stephanie Jones reserves the right to alter these terms as necessary without notification to past, current or future clients.

If you have any questions about any of these terms, feel free to chat with me. I look forward to helping you succeed.